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**HAVE FUN! This program is meant to be fun, to foster friendships and connections, and to help people explore new interests and skills. There is no requirement to earn all of the badges but we hope you will get out of your comfort zone and try some new things.


Join as an individual or join a group and work on badges together.

The first membership fee includes e-book version of the badge book (printed and Kindle versions of the badge book are available on Amazon), membership badge, access to online community, and one year membership dues.

The annual membership fee includes an annual badge, badge e-book updates, access to online community.


There will be opportunities for trips and retreats as well as online activities. 


**We are nonpartisan, not affiliated with a religion, and we are international.

**We are open to people of all ages over 18, all genders, neurodivergent and neurotypical, and all abilities and disabilities.

**You can join as an individual or join a group. Group leaders who start/run group with at least 5 members plus themselves get free dues (and all items included with dues) and an annual leadership badge.

**There will be annual badge book updates including new badges and/or new levels of current badges. 


Horizons Badge Club For Adults Annual Membership

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